Band 7+ Essays, Writing Tips & Activity Guide

Get 12 expertly-written IELTS essays to help you develop your answers to achieve Band 7+ in the exam. Develop your writing skills, ideas & vocabulary with the activity guide.

Discover the best strategies & techniques to use in your writing to advance your IELTS score to Band 7+. Here you will find expertly-written model essay answers that you can rely upon for an excellent structure, as well as tips on how to generate more ideas and expand your vocabulary.

This IELTS E-book Includes:

  • 12 model essay answers (topic areas listed below)
  • Writing tips to advance your skills to band 7+
  • Exam tips to improve your confidence on exam day
  • Activity Guide to help you apply the teachings to your own writing
  • Suggested resources to expand your ideas and vocabulary on a range of IELTS topics

IELTS Essay Topics Include:

1. Nature versus Nurture
2. Technology
3. Celebrities
4. Education
5. Ageing Population
6. Infrastructure
7. Museums
8. Punishment
9. Health
10. Vegetarianism
11. Global Warming
12. Space Exploration

A wide range of IELTS question types are also included.

Activity Guide Includes:

  • Brainstorm activities
  • Resources to help you generate ideas
  • Essay analysis questions to help you identify excellent writing structures
  • Vocabulary activities to help you advance your English level

Learn from an expert IELTS teacher to improve your score!

Your Instructor

Niamh Kelly
Niamh Kelly

I'm a University Lecturer, specialising in academic English, and English for specialist subjects (Science & Engineering) with a Teaching Diploma & a Master's Degree in Science. For over 12 years, I have been designing, coordinating & teaching English & Science courses to international students. I have designed courses for leading English language schools in Cambridge & Oxford, as well as Trinity College, Dublin. (Courses are listed below)

I have now Co-Founded, Hippo Educational Technologies, which creates technology to help English learners improve their academic English to advance their studies & careers. ‘Hippo Campus’ is the name given to our online school.

Join our courses to learn new strategies & techniques that I have specifically designed to help you, as an English learner, to succeed in expanding your academic language and fluency. Whether you need to pass an English exam, get into university, achieve a degree or access your chosen career path, we have the courses that can help you achieve your goals.

I look forward to working with you,

Niamh Kelly

Courses that I have designed include:

  • Science Without Borders (English for Science students): Trinity College, Dublin
  • Bioscience
  • Experimental Science
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) for Science
  • EAP for Engineering
  • Critical Thinking for Science/Engineering
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods
  • Dissertation Development
  • Personal Statement Writing for University
  • Communication Skills
  • Statistics

Some of the institutions that I have taught in:

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